Note from R Steven Smith:
Here is some family history courtesy of David Drader. David is descended from Francis Kearney and Eleanor Nelson. Their daughter, Mary Catherine Kearney, my 2nd Great Grandmother, was David's Great Grandmother's ( Ardellia Kearney) sister. That would make me a third cousin once removed to David.
David's line is Francis Kearney, Ardelia + Joseph Chapman Drader, Joseph Earl Drader, Clarence Drader, David E. Drader b. 1944. He has recorded the Kearney-Nelson line that goes a long way back. He also has provided me with a portrait of Francis Kearney and Mary Catherine Kearney.

Selected Families and Individuals

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         Francis Kearney & Eleanor Nelson and their family.                      Francis Kearney & Eleanor Nelson                         Mary Kearney December 13,1923.doc                 Mary Kearney August 6, 1922.doc