Here are scanned images from photocopies of pages that Terence T. Quirke, Jr. sent me of his book. This was in the year 2000. The title of his book is "ALEXANDER FOSTER MCILRAITH (1858-1945) GENEALOGY, Including the Foster, Charland, Gavin and Love lines, Compiled & Edited by Terence T. Quirke, Jr." Published by Quirke, Quirke and Associates, 2310 Juniper Court, Golden, Colorado 80401-9107, USA. First Edition 1987.

Although there are over 200 pages in the book, there are only 41 pages here concerning the CHARLAND, GAVIN and LOVE families for which I was only interested in. This is all that Terence had on these families at the time. If you wish to know more of what is in the book, or if he wrote a later edition than this contact Terence at

I am not sure if this book is still in print, or for sale. Terence may also have some better photos then the ones here, which have been scanned from photo copies of the originals. Here is the link to the 41 pages of information as Terence sent me.
The Love Family

Here is a copy of the letter that Terence sent me in September of 2000.
Terence T. Quirke, Jr. Letter

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The following photos from the Crawford Cemetary at Elphin, Dalhousie Township, Lanark County, Ontario, Canada show the headstones of some of the Love family.

Dalhousie Township amalgamated with other former townships of Darling, Lanark, Lavant and North Sherbrooke with the village of Lanark to form Lanark Highlands Township which was incorporated in 1997.

These photos courtesy of Jaimie Andrew Yuille Pratt, Perth, Ontario. Jaimie's grandfather James Yuille (born 1886 in Glasgow, Scotland) was the son of James Yuille (born 1860) and Jessie Gavin (born 1861). James Yuille's parents were James Yuille (born 1840) and Isabella Wilson (born 1839). Isabella Wilson's parents were Adam Wilson (born 1801, Stevenston, Scotland) and Margaret Love (born 1806, Stevenston, Scotland).

1. Cinda V. M. Love
2. Cinda V.M. Love
3. Deborah Love
4. Crawford Cemetary Entrance
5. Crawford Cemetary Entrance
6. James Love
7. Jane Hart
8. Jannett Smith
9. John Love
10. Marion Love
11. Mary Love
12. Robert Love, 1796
13. Robert Love, born 1822
14. Thomas Love, 1870
15. Thomas Love, 1842
16. William Love, 1869