Here are some photos from James McCabe, whose family farm was on Lot 4 of the Petrolia line at the Inwood sideroad. We at first communicated in 2009 about a photo of an unknown school photo that I had posted, which seemed to be SS No. 6 Brooke township. We were trying to establish the names of the students.

We communicated again in December 2014 regarding the photo of the Sutorville school.
This is the photo of the unknown school, SS No. 6 Brooke Township. This photo was in the Holbrook collection.
James McCabe said he went to SS No. 13 Brooke Township, the building was similar to this one that says Twp Brooke No 6.

It had yellow brick, with the two doors and window in between as this photo on the left.

........."It is located on the Petrolia line just west of the Sutorville road on the north side.....It is now a residence."

The Petrolia line is the 10th line of Brooke Twp.

This note from James McCabe March 2015:

"Here is a photo I took some years ago of the SS 13 Brooke school I attended long ago. All the features are the same as the photo which seemed to say #6. This school had the two doors on each side (now modified) and not the rounded windw in the center.....exactly the I guess as the district expanded it was renamed SS #13 Brooke."

Here is an early photo of my grandfather's family (George McCabe) at their log cabin in Brooke twp. My father Alex (the tall one) and his brother Bob are with the horse and colt. They are buried at the Alvinston cemetery. (Alex McCabe was born 1890, photo circa 1908)

The McCabe farm was on the 10th line of Brooke and #4 sideroad that goes to Inwood.
(Brooke concession #10, Lot 4)

Quoting James McCabe of the log cabin photo:

"...the log cabin photo is of my Grandma Elizabeth (Boutne) McCabe and Grandpa George McCabe (seated) with my aunts and uncles. The man with the beard standing is James Smiley a neighbour, and my father Alex (the tall one) is with my short uncle Robert with the horse.........."
".....The old saw mill with the steam engine at the entrance to Watford before the railway overpass was owned by one of the Searson boys, who was the son of my Aunt Mary in the log cabin picture.(she is the one to the far right in the back row standing)......Aunt Mary lived in Sarnia most of her later life and drove her old 49 Ford around town-----(occasionally clipping a fender)....untile she was about 89. She passed away at about 93."
This is the later big brick house that George McCabe built. "........Lloyd Campbell tore the top storey off and mad it into a bungalow, I guess Lloyd's son Kenny owns it now."
James McCabe sent a photo of the class of 1951 at the SS #13 Brooke School.....the teacher was Mrs Dorothy Shea....she lived in Watford.....Art Griffith is at the back row and James is between him and Mrs Shea.
Arthur Griffith passed away in 2008 and is buried in the Saunders private cemetery on Little Ireland road south of the Churchill line.

Arthur had the big egg farm on the corner of 10th concession Brooke Twp and #4 sideroad.
Mail from James McCabe March 2015:

"My father and mother moved away from the tenth line in the thirties to try their hand at dairy farming in New Brunswick.....My grandfather George and Grandmother Elizabeth built a fine house in Alvinston on Broad unfortunately burned down about 20 years ago......I was there a few months ago and now there is just a vacant lot with some surprisingly large trees where the house stood. I used to spend my summer vacations there and enjoy fine tea scones from the Glencoe Bakery.....the milk was delivered by horse and wagon, and I was always amazed at how that clever horse went ahead and knew which house to stop at........those were the days when fresh milk came in glass bottles and the cream which my Grandmother called "top milk" was at the top. My folks are buried in the Alvinston cemetery as I also will be.
My earlier ancestors are buried in the cemetery at the St. Johns in the woods Anglican church at Aughrim.
My Gt. Gt. grandfather James McCabe came over from Westport, county Mayo about 1842 and got a grant of land in Euphemia twp."
James sent this photo of the old Aughrim school, Euphemia Twp, that was across the road from the cemetary.
George McCabe family Brooke Twp
At the right is George McCabe, standing beside him is Alex McCabe, James McCabe's father.

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