John William Bryce, daughter Lucy, wife Bella. Circa 1902
Leon Palmer, his wife Reita Healey, and daughter Ellen, Circa 1928
Pappin, LaVallee, Peria Families, Circa 1905, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Ken Holbrook and Reita Palmer
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William Butler and Mary Christy Thomson Family
The unknown school house photo Brooke Township
House been built for Norm & Gladys Moloy, summer of 1948, Thedford, Ontario
Merle, Ken, Rhea & Blanche Holbrook, Circa 1903, Brooke Township, Ontario
Reita Palmer, Merle Holbrook, Ken Sisson, Rhea Holbrook, Ken Hoolbrook, circa 1977, Brooke Township, Ontario
Highland Light Infantry of Galt, Ontario, 1943
Smith & McRae family circa 1933, Saskatchewan
Annabelle McRae, Elizabeth Fletcher,William John McRae, Jessie McRae, Eva MCrae, with unknown man & wife, Circa 1909 near Stalwart, Saskatchewan.
Jessie McRae with Mervin Thomas Code, Sandra June Code, and David Warner Code, circa 1950, Saskatchewan
John McRae,his wife Elizabeth Margaret Fletcher, thier daughter Eva McRae, Eva's husband Fred Braddock, and their daughter Jean Braddock, July 1927.
Cyril Wellesley(Wes) Sisson, circa 1942, Brooke Township, Ontario
Elizabeth Margaret Fletcher (1873-1942) Daughter-in-law of Jessie Cruikshanks
Jessie Cruikshanks (Mrs John McRae)
Fred Braddock, Elwood Lorne (Doc) McRae, Willard Smith, and Ward Smith, 1932 Saskatchewan
Hugo Jahalla & Jean Cunningham Wedding Photo 1943, Manitoba, Canada
Rhea Arlene Holbrook, circa 1912, Brooke Township, Ontario
Roger Williams: 1936 Drypoint etching, by Arthur W. Heintzelma
The Rae Family of Hamilton, Ontario, circa 1925.
Rachel Jane Rae, Lambton County, Circa 1890
The Butler sisters, circa 1910, Warwick Township, Ontario
Strevel family, circa 1926, Dawn Township, Ontario
Reita Palmer & Ken Holbrook, circa 1942-43, Brooke Township, Ontario
Thomas Dell Sr and Thomas Dell Jr, circa 1890, Woodstock, Ontario
Robert Love & Sloan Scott (Christina) Gavain Circa 1895, Smith's Falls, Ontario
Robert & Christina Love and some of their children, circa 1883 at Flower Station, Lavant Township, Lanark County, Ontario, Canada
James Love & Marion Twaddle and their children, circa 1868 at North Sherbrooke Township, Lanark County, Ontario.
Olive Capes Moffitt & Herbert Holbrook, Brooke Township, Circa 1914
Black Bull Inn, Moffat, Scotland, Circa 1880
Allen Kingston Smith, Elaine Smith, and Robert Norman Smith, Watford, Ontario, 1955
Anna Mary Peria, New Liskeard, Ontario, Circa 1925
Anna Mary Peria & Joseph William Eric Mills wedding photo 1922
Ernie, Mary Leah(Mitzi), Thomas, and James Mills, circa 1933, Noranda, Québec
Ward Allen Smith, May 1, 1943
The Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry Highlanders, circa May 19-June 14, 1945
4 SD&G Highlanders June 3, 1945, Hilversum, The Netherlands
Eric Mills, Ernie Mills, Michael Mills, Andrea Mills, Anna Peria, Kathy Mills, 1960
Robert Steven Smith, Cyril Kenneth Holbrook, Kenneth Ward Smith, 1951
Phyllis Eunice Cunningham & Leroy Spath April 7, 1946
Lillian Iris Cunningham & Daniel MacClenahan 05 Aug 1950
Shirely & Edward Smith, Robert & Maxine Smith and Annabelle McRae Code, circa 1995, Bosanquet Township, Ontario
Gravesite of Elizabeth Fletcher McRae, Liberty Cemetary, Saskatchewan
Charles Clark of Thedford, Ontario, circa 1965, somewhere in Michigan or Ohio.
Somewhere in North Dakota, circa 1965
Bosanquet Townshipp, SS#2, School Photo 1958
Andrea by sketch artist
Forest District High School, Grade 9D Class, 1961-62, Forest, Ontario
Hotel Bedard, Courtright, Ontario PDF file 2.2 MB
Jim & Lillian Cunningham family, circa 1970, Fort Frances, Ontario
Jim & Lillian Cunningham and their grandchildren, circa 1965.
4 Generations of Cunningham, circa 1941
James Cunningham clearing debris from tornado 1946.