These photos are from an album belonging to William Ambrose Smith, passed down to his daughter Helen Marguerite Smith. Marguerite had mentioned to me over the phone in 1994 that she had an old photo album her father had made up, by pasting the photos in a ledger book.
She said it was "kind of messy, but precious". This ledger book disappeared for awhile after Marguerite died September 19, 1995, and wasfound at the home of Audrey Mae Smith after she had passed away on January of 2002. These photos were pasted in with white glue, and the glue had saturated some of the photos making it hard to see the characteristics of the photo. Some photos are unknown. It would be nice to put a name to them.
The Smith File #1

The Smith File #2

The Smith File #3
Photo of the Smith farm Bosanquet Township, Lambton County, Ontario, 1985