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Sutorville Picnic 1942

Sutorville, Ontario, residents attend a summer picnic in Bright's Grove, summer 1942. Photographer unknown, possibly Wilbert Parker.
FRONT ROW (L-R): (unknown person), Murray Parker holding Bob Cooper, Janice Smith, Carman Holbrook, Betty Parker, Janet Parker, Roy Cooper, Leonard Healey, Harold Higgins, Gordon Parker, Laurence Cooper, Ewart Holbrook, Elton Thorne, Reita Holbrook.
SECOND ROW (L-R): (man with mustache, possibly Harry Pratt, hired man for George Cooper), Pearl Lucas, Leitha Thorne, Ina Lucas, Mary B Parker, Mrs. Tom H. Lucas, Ethel Williamson, Elizabeth Lucas, Bella Bryce, Sarah Ann Kidd, Hazel Kidd.
THIRD ROW (L-R): Ed Kidd, Gordon Smith, Alice Lucas, May Kidd, Tom H. Lucas, Jack Kidd, Tom Higgins, (man with black hat and tie behind Mrs. Tom H. Lucas - Herb Holbrook?), Stanley Healey, Norma Kidd, (man with white hair and tie - Dan Saunders? Sterling Lucas?), Beulah Saunders, Dave Lucas, Norma McClure, Weda Lucas, Anita Healey, Eugene Holbrook, Ken Holbrook.
BACK ROW (L-R): Dorothy Smith with Elaine (right and behind Gordon Smith), Reg Thorne, Alma Cooper, (woman - Doris Williamson Bell?), Vera Higgins, Lucy Coristine, Maxine Holbrook, Eleanor Lucas, (man with tie, standing to back right of Eleanor Lucas - unknown), Evelyn Lucas, Stanley Lucas, Irwin Lucas standing to back right of Stanley, Tom Kidd standing to right back of Irwin; Sanford Lucas standing to right behind Beulah Saunders, Pearl Coristine standing to left back of Weda, Alex Coristine.
Identification courtesy of Janet (Parker) Somerville

This photo courtesty of Jennifer Aitken. She went to Watford District High School with Carmen Holbrook's daughter, Kathy.