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At back row first from the left Ken Holbrook, 5th from the left Carrie Parker.
Middle row 1st from the left Winnifred Parker, 4th from the left Reita Palmer.
Teacher is Miss Barr, 1910.

The following note from Jennifer Aitken:

My grandparents, Wilbert Parker and Mary B. Parker lived just down from the school on the 12th conc. of Brooke.
My grandfather, and his three younger sisters, Carrie, Winnifred, and Muriel would have all attended school with Ken and Reita in 1910.

My mom and I are guessing based on how they looked as adults, but it doesn't look like Wib (as he was called) is in the pic (probably slaving on the farm, mom says), but Carrie is (back row, 5th from left with braid around her head) and so is Win (blonde, first person, middle row).

This photo taken about 1910 of the Sutorville school in Brooke Township, Lambton County, Ontario, Canada.
The school has now been made into a house. Standing at the back row on the left with the "x" marked above is my grandfather Cyril (Kenneth) Holbrook. Standing in the second, second from the right is my grandmother Reita Marjorie Palmer. The teacher is named Miss Barr according to the writing on the back.

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James McCabe's father, Alex McCabe, was born in 1890, and he was thinking that perhaps his father attended Sutorville school. He lived on the 10th line of Brooke Twp, at #4 Sideroad. The Sutorville school was on the 12th line of Brooke, close to #4 sideroad. He said his younger Aunt Elizabeth McCabe would have attended Sutorville in 1910, but he does not recognize her in the photo.
The following three photos courtesty of Jennifer Aitken. She went to Watford District High School with Carmen Holbrook's daughter, Kathy.
SS 17 Brooke Township Sutorville 1947

BACK ROW (L-R): Jack Lane, Roy Cooper, Betty Parker, Lloyd Lane, Eva Lapointe, Harold Higgins, Leonard Healey.

MIDDLE ROW (L-R): Bob Cooper, ____________ Lapointe, Gloria Kidd, ___________ Lapointe, Shirley Sawyer, ____________ Lapointe.

FRONT ROW (L-R): Ronald McCabe, Robert Sawyer.

Identification provided by Janet (Parker) Somerville.

SS 17 Brooke (Sutorville), June 23, 1941

Edith Ewards, Betty Parker, Lloyd Land, Laverne (?) Edwards, Roy Cooper, Harold Higgins.

MIDDLE ROW (L-R): Ewart Holbrook, Laurence Cooper, Audrey Lane, Carman Holbrook, Janet Parker, Lorna Lucas, Gordon Parker.

BACK ROW (L-R): Russell Lane, Elton Thorne, Murray Parker, Lois Healey, Marie Cooper.

Identification provided by Janet (Parker) Somerville.

SS 17, Brooke Township (Sutorville), Ontario, 1918

: Irwin Lucas, Helen Williamson, Carrie Healey, Gertrude Lucas (teacher), Winnifred Parker, Ruby Lucas.

MIDDLE (L-R): Beulah Saunders, Lena Healey, Verlie Williamson, Muriel Parker, Ada Coristine.

FRONT (L-R): John Rundle, Fred Kidd, Raymond Kidd, Goldie Lucas, Elsie Coristine.

Identification provided by Janet (Parker) Somerville.