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John Secord [Parents] 1 was born 2 on 11 Oct 1725 in Cortlandt Manor, Dutchess County, New York, USA. He died 3 on 12 Mar 1804 in Niagara Township, Lincoln County, Ontario, CAN. He married 4 Pheobe Travis about 1749 in New Rochelle, New York, USA.

Pheobe Travis [Parents] 1 was born 2 on 6 Jun 1727 in Corlandt Manor, Dutchess County, New York, USA. She died 3 on 7 Jul 1769 in Corlandt Manor, Dutchess County, New York, USA. She married 4 John Secord about 1749 in New Rochelle, New York, USA.

They had the following children:

  M i John Secord

Abraham Wartman 1 was born 2 in 1738 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He died 3 in 1787 in Kingston, Ontario, CAN. He married Catherine Bauman.

Catherine Bauman 1 was born 2 in 1732 in Albany, New York. She married Abraham Wartman.

They had the following children:

  F i Susannah Wartman

James Secord Lt. [Parents] 1 was born 2 on 24 Apr 1732 in New Rochelle, New York. He died 3 on 13 Jul 1784 in Niagara, Lincoln County, Ontario, CAN. He married 4 Madeline Badeau about 1756 in New Rochelle, New York. James was baptized 5 on 28 May 1732 in Dutch Reformed Church, New Rochelle, New York.

Came to Canada and served in Butlers Rangers 1777 to 1784.

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This list is based on the one compiled by A. H. Van Dusen in his article "Butler's Rangers", which was published in the journal New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, Vol. 31 (1900), pages 12-18.

This roster is based on two sources: the list of disbanded Rangers who settled at Niagara, reported by Lieutenant Colonel A. S. De Peyster in 1784, as printed in the Report on Canadian Archives, 1891 (Ottawa, Queen's Printer, 1892), pages 2-5; and, the "old U.E. List", which was published as "Appendix B" to The Centennial of the Settlement of Upper Canada by the United Empire Loyalists, 1784-1884... (Toronto, Rose Publishing Company, i 88~) pages 129-334. (This book was reprinted, with a new introduction by Milton Rubin-cam, by the Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, in 1969).

The names taken from the De Peyster list are marked with an asterisk (*) and are additional to the names found in the "Old U.E. List".

Butler, (Lieut.Col.) John

Smith, (Adjutant) William

Pawling, (Qr. Mr.) Jesse

Burke, (Surgeon's Mate) Patrick* Guthrie, (Surgeon) Robert

Murphy, (Drummer) John
Philips, (Drummer) John*
Withy, (Drummer) JOhn*

Bradt, (Capt.) Andrew
Campbell, (Capt.) James*
Dame, (Capt.) George
Frey, (Capt.) Bernard
Hare, (Capt.) Peter*
McDonald, (Capt.) John
Pawling, (Capt.) Benj.
TenBroeck, (Capt.) P.
Thompson, (Capt.) Ar.
Butler, (Capt.) Walter
Caldwell, William, 44, killed. Aug. 6, 1777.
Hare, (Capt.) killed at Orisca Field.
Wilson, (Capt.) killed at Orisca Field.

Ball, (Senr. Lieut.) Jacob
Ball, (Lieut.) Peter
Bradt, (Lieut.) John
Brass, (Lieut) David
Butler, (Lieut.) Andrew
Butler, (Lieut.) Thomas
Hansen, (Lieut.) Richard
Hare, (Lieut.) John*
Reynolds, (Lieut.) Caleb
Secord, (Lieut.) Senr. James
Secord, (Lieut.) Solomon
Turney, (Lieut.) Senr. John
Van Aller, (Lieut.) Lawrence
Wemp, (Lieut.) Andrew
Young, (Lieut.) John

Coffe, (Ensign) Samuel

Bebee, (Sergt.) Adin*
Beebe, (Sergt.) Edwin
Bradt, (Sergt.) John
Campbell, (Sergt.) Robert
Coon, (Sergt.) John
Davies, (Sergi.) Benjamin
Deill, (Sergt.) Henry*
Fedrick, (Sergt.) Jacob*
Fields, (Sergt.) Daniel
Fields, (Sergt.) Nathan

Hagerman, (Sergt.) Arnold
Kooman, (Sergt.) Adam*
McDonald, (Sergt.) Peter
McDonald, (Sergt.) Roland
McDonnell, (Sergt.) Randal*
McGillis, (Sergt.) Randall
McKillop, (Sergt.) Daniel
Mabee, (Sergt.) Lewis*
Maby, (Sergt.) Lewis
Maracle, (Sergt.) John
Merele, (Sergt.) John
Mount, (Sergt.) Moses
Newberry, (Sergt.) Wm.
Petry, (Sergt.) Joseph
Reely, (Sergt.) John
Rowe, (Sergt.) John
Secord, (Sergt.) Silas
Secord, (Sergt.) Stephen
Sims, (Sergt.) John
Smith, (Sergt.) Peter
Van Every, (Sergt.) David
Vrooman, (Sergt.) Adam
Warner, (Sergt.) Chrisr.
Wilson, (Sergt.) John
Winn, (Sergt.) Thomas*
Young, (Sergt.) David*
Young, (Sergt.) John
Young, (Sergt.) Philip

Wynn (N.C. officer), John

Anderson, (Corpl.) Elias*
Bowen, (Corpl.) Peter
Bowen, (Corpl.) Peter
Clous, (Corpl.) John
Frelick, (Corpl) Benjm.
Hamilton, (Corpl.) Andrew
Hayslip, (Corpl.) James
Heaslip, (Corpl..) James*
Neville, (Corpl.) Edward
Riceley, (Corpl.) Christie
Rowe, (Corpl.) Frederick
Schram, (Corpl.) Frederick
Tederick, (Corpl.) Lucas
Winney, (Corpl.) Came
Wintermute, (Corpl.) Abr.
Wintennute, (Corpl.) John
Wintermute, (Corpl.) Peter
Ackler, William
Adams, William*
Aker, Lambert
Alemger, William
Allen, Ehenezer
Anderson, Simon
Anguish, Henry
Anguish, Jacob
Anguish, John
Anker, August
Anker, Senior, Fredk.
Anker, Junr., Fredk.
Amer, Jacob
Arnold, Jacob
Arnold, John
Arnold, Oliver
Atkinson, William
Anker, Charles
Austin, Joel
Baker, Jack (blackman)
Barkley, Averhart
Barthol, Klepart
Basset, John*
Bassey, Jacob
Bassey, Jr., Robert
Beme, Adin*
Bell, Derick
Ben, Tom*
Bender, Philip
Benson, Thomas*
Berger, Frederick*
Blazens, Lawrence
Boger, Lodwick
Boice, Senior, John
Bowen, Cornelius
Bowen, William
Bowman, Junior, Adam
Bowman, Henry
Bowman, Jacob
Bowman, Peter
Boyce, John*
Bradt, Minar
Brown, John
Brown, John
Brown, Joseph
Brown, William
Buck, Philip
Burke, Patrick
Bums, John*
Bush, Peter*
Butler, Edward
Cain, John
Campbell, James*
Campbell, Thomas
Cameron; John
Carll, John
Cam, Mathis
Cam, Nathaniel
Casity, Luke
Cassady, Daniel
Cassady, John
Cassady, Luke*
Cassleman; John
Chambers, Francis
Choerus, Castel
Chrysler, Junr., John
Chrysler, Peter
Chrysler, William
Clandenning, Senr., James
Clandenning, Walter
Clearwater, John
Clendennan, Walter
Cockle, John
Coghill, Senr., George
Coghill, John
Conklin, Robert
Conway, Patrick
Cornwall, Senr., John
Countryman, Joseph
Courcordle, John
Cox, Samuel
Crumb, Benoni
Crumb, Jacob
Cuming, Thomas*
Cummings, Thomas
Dalson, Matthew
Dalton, John
Davis, David or Davison
Davis, John
Decker, Thomas
Deforest, Abraham (Dyher)
Depew, Charles
Deny, London
Doyle, Benjamin
Dykes, Thomas
Elliot, John
Elsworth, Francis
Empson, John
English, Andrew
Farrell, John
Feero, Peter
Ferre, Andrew
Fields, George
Fields, Gilbert
Fields, Nathan
Findlay, Samuel
Fleming, Patrick
Forbes, Nicholas
Foryea, John
Foskit, Silas*
Fredenburg, Mathew*
Fredenburgh, Mathias
Freeman, John
Frelick, Abram
Frelick, Clement
Frelick, Jacob
Frelick, John
Fry, Joseph
Furlow, Cornelius
Furlow, Jacob
Gahagan, Bernard
Gahagan, Oliver*
Gardner, John
George, John
Goodnight, John
Gould, John
Goulden, Thomas
Grellinger, John*
Haigison, William
Hainer, Albert
Hainer, Henry
Hainer, John
Hainer, Richard
Hainer, Zachariah
Haines, George
Haines, Sr., Joseph
Haines, Nathaniel
Haislip, James
Ham, Malachi
Hamilton, John
Hare, John*
Hare, William*
Harkimer, John
Harnest, Michael
Harper, Wm.
Harpur, Thomas
Harris, Henry
Harris, John
Haverland, Andrew
Heine, Michael
Henry, James
Henry, William*
Hicks, Benjamin
Hicks, Edward
Highbie, Chris.
Hill, Patrick
Hill, Patrick
Hodgekins, John
Hodgekins, Wm.
Hodgedone, Harmanus
Hogerman, Arnold*
Hoghtelling, James
Hohordoran, Herms
Hollenbake, Henry*
Hombeek, Lodk.*
Horton, Edmund*
Houghdeline, James*
House, Daniel
House, Frederick
House, George
House, Harmanus
House, James
House, John
House, Philip
Hover, Henry
Hoverland, Andrew*
Humphrey, Emanuel
Hudson, John*
Jaceson, James
Jacob, Christian
Jacobs, John A. C.*
Jago, Henry;
Johnson, Coonrade
Johnson, Jonas
Johnson, Patrick
Jones, James
Jones, J. or John
Kairns, Mathis'
Kern, Mattice
Kilman; Jacob
Kinskarn, Henry
Kittle, Sr., Jeremiah
Knapp, Benjamin
Kooman, Mends'
Lambert, Cornelius
Lampert, Aiken*
Laraway, Peter*
Larraway, Abraham
Larraway, Jonas
Lawrence, George
Lazear, Hyatt*
Lewis, Nathan
Lewis, Nathaniel
Lishourne, John
Lonshurry, IsaacMclellan, James
McIellan, Wm.
McDonald, Allan
McDonald, Chrism.
McDonald, Wm.
McDonell, Christy*
McDonell, William*
McFarson, James
McKinnon, John
McLeod, Norman*
McMichen, John
McMickell, John*
McMicking, Peter
McPherson, James*
Maracle, Frederick
Maracle, Henry
Niaracle, James
Marcelis, John Bapt.
Marcelis, Peter
Martin, Peter (negro)
Matice, Henry
Matthews, Jonathan
Mattice, Abraham
Mattice, Adam
Mattice, Nicholas
Mattice, John
Mattice, William
May, Wm.
Maybe, John
Maycock, John*
Midaugh, George
Millard, Dan.*
Millard, Jesse*
Millard, Thomas*
Miller, Jacob
Miller, Jeremiah
Miller, Peter
Miller, Thomas
Mitchell, Gelbert
Monger, Wm.
Moss, JohnNapp, Benjamin*
Newkirk, E.
Newkirk, James
O'Conelly, James
Osterhout, Wm.
Page, Joseph
Palter, Phelps
Papst, Adam
Papts, Adam
Parepoint, Richard (negro)
Parks, John*
Parsons, Thomas
Phelps, Elijah
Philips, Nicholas*
Pickard, Benjamin
Pickard, James
Pickard, Wm.
Pierpoint, Richard*
Plate, Christian
Poole, Hendrick*
Post, Jacob
Powell, Joseph
Price, Christian
Price, Joseph
Prince, John
Pront, Sherman
Purhus, John
Putnam, Henry
Quant, Jacob
Quick, Benjamin*
Quick, Solomon*
Ramsay, Henry
Rancier, Joseph
Ransier, George
Reide, George
Reide, W. M.
Reynolds, Samuel
Rhuart, Jacob
Ricely, Christian
Richards, Christopher
Robertson, James
Robertson, Joseph
Robertson, Prince
Robinson, Joseph
Roing, Tosare
Rose, John
Rowe, John*
Rosecrantz, Michael
Rozaacrantz, Nicholas
Rudhart, Jacob
Rudhest or Rudhart, G. & J.
Scaffer (Schaffer), Nicholas
Schram, Frederick
Schram, Jeremiah
Schram, Valentine
Scratch, Leonard
Seager, Frederick
Seager, Jacob
Secord, Senr., David
Secord, Junr., John
Secord, Senr., Peter
Segoc, Frederick*
Segoc, Jacob*
Segon, Jacob
Shaver, John
Shaw, Michael
Shelding, John*
Sheldon, John
Sherwood, Samuel
Shilders, John
Shoick, Peter
Shonk, Patrick
Shoulitz, Frederick
Showers, Senr., Michael
Simpless, Robert
Sipes, Andrew
Sipes, Jacob
Sipes, Jonas
Skeaws, John
Skusk, John*
Slain, George
Slingerland, Garret
Slingerland, Richards
Slingerland, Tunis
Slingerland, Walter
Slingerland, Walter (son of Anthony R. Clinch)
Smith, Adam*
Smith, Frederick
Smith, Frederick
Smith, Henry
Smith, Nicholas
Snider, John
Sopor, Samuel
Speak, Simon
Speck, Philip
Spencer, Robert
Sporbeck, Jacob
Springer, Daniel
Springer, David
Springer, Richard
Springfield, Joseph
Springstein, Staats
Springston, Casper*
Staats, Sylvester
Starts, Jacob
Stauty, Jacob
Steadman, William*
Stevens, Senr., John
Stewart, George
Stoaly, John
Stofle, John
Stoner, John
Stout, Martin
Stout, Richard
Stuart, George
Stuffle, John*
Stull, Latham
Sutherland, William
Sutton, Thomas*
Swartz, Henry
Swartze, Peter
Sweatman, Isaac
Terry, Parshal
Thomas, James
Thompson, Peter
Topp, John
Townshend, James
Tousack, Casper
TufFie, Samuel
Tumbull, William
Tumey, Junr., John
Turny, George
Van Aistine, Jacob*
Vanderlip, Frederick
Vandresser, Peter
Vandscar, John*
Vandyke, Graus*
Van Every, Benjamin
Van Every, McGregory*
Van Every, Peter
Van Every, Samuel
Van Every, William
Vallick, Isaac*
Vallick, Strum*
Vrooman, Isaac
Walker, Jacob
Weaver, Francis
West, John
Wheeler, Samuel
Whitner, Henry
Whittle, Richard, a tailor
Wilcox, Senr., Elisha
Wilcox, Elick
Williamson, John
Willice, Abel
Windecker, Henry
Windecker, Hendrick*
Winter, Christopher
Wintermute, Abraham
Wintermute, Benjn.
Wintermute, Philip
Witrell, Nicholas
Wood, Benjn.
Wood, James
Wormwood, John
Wormwood, Mathew
Wormwood, Mathias*
Wormwood, Peter*
Wright, John
Wright, Samuel
Yager, Helmes
Yager, William
Yearns, William

Upon comparing the several published lists from which the above was compiled a number of inconsistencies in spelling appear. Every attempt has been made to reconcile these differences, but it is unfortunate that it was not possible to verify these with the original records.

Madeline Badeau 1 was born 2 in 1739 in New Rochelle, Westchester, New York. She died 3 on 21 Sep 1796 in Ontario, CAN. She married 4 James Secord Lt. about 1756 in New Rochelle, New York.

Narcisse Joseph Réal Proulx [Parents]

Linda Marie Sheffield [Parents]

They had the following children:

  M i Mark Réal Proulx
  M ii Francis Joseph Proulx
  M iii André Marcel Proulx
  F iv Mellissa Marie Proulx

Jack Hale

Wanola Ryan [Parents]

Jane Ogilve 1 was born 2 on 22 Nov 1810 in Scotland.

Emmigrated to Canada in 1890. She was 90 years old when she came to Canada and is listed on the 1901 cenus in Dundas, Wentworth South, Ontario.

She had the following children:

  F i Jessie Cruikshanks

Thaddeus Davis Lee 1 was born 2 on 15 Mar 1825 in Niagara District, Ontario, CAN. He died 3 in 1907 in Warwick Township, Ontario, CAN. He was buried 4 in Bethel Cemetaey, Warwick Twp, Ontario, CAN. He married 5 Margaret McLean on 23 Jun 1850 in Port Huron, Michigan, USA.

Notes taken from "The Lambton County Pioneer Profiles" by the Lambton County Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society. Information submitted by Pat McLean.

In 1850 Thaddeus came to Warwick Township, settling on Lot 16, Con. 2 NER(North of Egremont Road). He married Margaret McLean in Port Huron, MIchigan and some of their children were born in Michigan.
About 1856 Thaddeus built a tavern and inn on the intersection of 18 Sideroad and Con. 4 SER(South of Egremont Road). He and Margaret retired into Watford, Lambton, Ontario in 1891.

Margaret McLean [Parents] 1 was born 2 in 1829 in Cummertrees, Dumfries, SCT. She died 3 in 1905 in Warwick Twp, Lambton, ON. She was buried 4 in 1905 in Bethel Cemetary, Warwick Twp, Lambton, ON. She married 5 Thaddeus Davis Lee on 23 Jun 1850 in Port Huron, Michigan, USA.

John Wesley Griffith 1, 2 was born 3, 4 on 18 Sep 1846 in Montague, Lanark, Ontario, CAN. He died 5, 6 on 17 Mar 1886 in Warwick Township, Lambton, Ontario, CAN. He was buried 7 in St. Mary's Cemetary, Warwick Village, ON, Canada(#20). He married 8 Emily Leach on 6 Jan 1876 in Warwick Township, Lambton County, Ontario, CAN.

Other marriages:
Holbrook, Elizabeth Jane Ontario, Canada Registration of Marriages, 1869-1922, Archives of Ontario, Toronto, Ontario says he was 30 years old at time of his marriage to Emily Leech.

The Warwick Township, Lambton County, Ontario 1881 Census lists

Martha 4 ONT WM
Wellington 2 ONT WM

They had the following children:

  M ii Arthur Wellington Griffith

Benjamin Bell 1 was born 2 in 1750. He died 3 on 7 Aug 1805 in Ruthwell, Dumfrieshire, Scotland. He married Rachel McGowan.

Rachel McGowan 1 was born 2 in 1758. She died 3 in 1840 in Ruthwell, Dumfrieshire, Scotland. She married Benjamin Bell.

They had the following children:

  M i Richard Bell 1 was born 2 on 2 Feb 1777 in Cummertrees, Dumfrieshire, Scotland.
  M ii George Bell
  F iii Margaret Bell
  F iv Jean Bell 1 was born 2 on 12 Mar 1784 in Cummertrees, Dumfrieshire, Scotland.
  F v Janet Bell 1 was born 2 in 1787. She died 3 on 28 Nov 1804 in Ruthwell, Dumfrieshire, Scotland.
  F vi Rachel Bell

George Hetherington 1.George married Mary Robly.

Mary Robly 1.Mary married George Hetherington.

They had the following children:

  F i Janet Hetherington

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